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Meet Brian Weissman, the creator of The Method

Welcome to The Method’s official website. I’m so glad you’re here to check out The Method.

I’m Brian Weissman, and for the last twenty or so years of my life, I’ve been essentially obsessed with a singular thing: How does a tiny proportion of the player base produce what we generally call “Pro Form”, while everyone else struggles to hit 400 feet?

For 20 years, I could not solve this mystery. No matter how many drives I threw, no matter how many form tutorials I watched. Believe me when I say I threw a lot of time, and a lot of drives at this problem.

Then in early 2023, I had a huge leap forward in understanding that secret was. I spent the rest of the year honing in on it, with one specific purpose in mind: I wanted to teach my discovery to the global disc golf population.

My team and I have produced a 16-part documentary video series, called “The Method”. It’s a 100% free to play system, just like the game produced by the company I co-founded back in 2006, Grinding Gear Games. That game, in case you’ve heard of it, is the Action RPG Path of Exile.

In the runup to the release of the whole project, I’ve been populating my YouTube channel with videos and discussions. I figured it’s time to alert this community to our work, so that interested parties can start tuning in. Everything we have produced will be given away to the community, with no strings attached, and no monetization for any of the core content. It is meant to be a gift to all the millions of people around the world who enjoy this wonderful sport.

Thoughts and feedback are more than welcome, thank you for your attention! If you have any questions please reply to this thread and I’ll make sure to answer all of them.

Brian Weissman and the team behind “The Method”

Learn to Throw like a Pro with The Method

Free to Play

Take your disc golf backhand to the next level with The Method, a simple throwing technique that utilizes leverage and biomechanics to improve your distance and accuracy.

The Method is a disc golf throwing technique that works for everyone. All body types, all ages, all skill levels.

Best of all, it’s completely free to learn, free to use, and free to play. We created it to help expand the wonderful sport of disc golf so more people can enjoy it.

Throw backhand like a professional disc golf player, using the same biomechanics.
Generate significant force and transfer it into your disc without wasted energy.
Leverage biomechanical force in your throw. Become a human trebuchet!
Learn how to properly brace for stability, consistency, and power.
Throw your disc faster, farther, with better aim. All with a fraction of the effort.

Enjoy disc golf and maximize your potential as a player.

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Learn how to throw backhand like the professional disc golf players do!

The Method is a disc golf throwing technique that works for everyone. All body types, all ages, all skill levels.

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