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Enjoy bonus videos from Brian and the team about The Method. These stories expand on Brian’s journey to improve his disc golf throwing technique.
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The Wrong Path

Every disc golfer reaches a fork in the road early on in their development. One fork leads to pro form, and the other leads to what over 99% of players achieve: rotational form with a big wind up and no brace.

I began my journey down the road most traveled in early 2004, and didn’t take my first steps off of it until 2020. At the heart of that course correction was my friend Lee Wence, who is the Yoda in the story of the Method.

Radar Love

Lee and I worked feverishly throughout 2016 to improve our form, and eventually incorporated radar into our research. A year later, I decided I needed to find out how fast the pros threw in competition, which led me to spectating the 2017 Beaver State Fling.

There I met Ian Anderson for the first time, though I knew of him already from his years of selfless service to the sport. This video is as much about Ian as it is about me. Ian is a true towering hero in disc golf. His tireless advocacy and work ethic have completely transformed how people learn about and spectate the sport. Disc golf would not be the same thing today without Ian’s work and the work of all the great people at Central Coast Disc Golf.

Thank you guys, for all you do.

Meeting Sebastian

Serendipity. I’ve always loved that word, and what it represents. Serendipity is at the heart of this vignette, the story of how I met Sebastian. In retrospect, it’s a remarkable coincidence that less than two days after he arrived in Seattle, the likely hardest throwing amateur player in the world happened to randomly encounter the one guy in the whole city who carries a pocket radar around.

That chance event sparked a deep friendship. Sebastian’s insights and athleticism were instrumental in creating The Method teaching system. Lee and I were able to study Sebastian’s form up close, and he explained in detail what he was doing in his own body.

Sebastian’s origin story in disc golf is fascinating in its own right. He came to the sport from college athletics, where he excelled as an All-American indoor heptathlete and outdoor decathlete. No sports background could have better prepared him to obliterate a disc.

By the time I met Sebastian, his athletic intelligence had yielded full-weight release velocities above 80 MPH. That’s truly rarefied territory, inhabited by famous bombers like Barella, Eagle, Tam and Wiggins. Despite the incredible speeds Sebastian produced, Lee was convinced he could make my friend’s form even more efficient and consistent.

Sebastian’s backhand is on full display throughout this entire docuseries. It’s so pure it actually looks better the more you slow it down. It is a study in balance, leverage and efficient energy transfer at 600 frames per second.

Getting Stronger

How much does body strength really matter in the disc golf backhand? That question lingered in the background during my two decades of research in the sport.

In 2020 I decided I had to answer it, with surprising and informative results.

Watch and see how it all unfolded.

The Eureka Moment

It’s rare to have a genuine “eureka!” moment in research. I worked on the enigma of “pro form” for almost two decades before arriving at The Method in 2023.

I was shocked the answer was so simple in the end. This video tells the story of that eureka moment, and what led up to it.

Disc Golf Double Aces at Northpark in Seattle

In my mad quest to understand pro mechanics, I have been throwing hole 1 at Northpark in Seattle since 2007. If I had to guess, I expect I threw the hole around 12-14,000 times a year.

By the time 2010 rolled around, I was pretty capped in velocity, but had developed enough power to occasionally ace the uphill 300 foot basket. I hit the ace about once a year, on average, until 2020.

That year was different. Lee and I were working together again remotely, and I was gaining understanding rapidly. Those incremental but steady form improvements increased my ace rate roughly tenfold. I hit the ace eight times in 2020, 12 times in 2021, and 12 times more in 2022.

This video tells the story of the most improbable event in that whole journey, which happened in late April of 2023.

I still can’t believe it happened!

The Disc Golf Huck Face

The huck face.

You do it every time you throw, whether you like it or not. This short clip showcases one of the fiercest huck faces of all, worn by Sebastian when he’s smashing a disc.

We happily invite you to submit clips or photos of your own gnarly huck faces, the world wants to see them!

The Environmental Sport

There are over 15,000 disc golf courses around the world, with more springing up every month. Most of these courses are so integrated into their natural environment they’re practically invisible. Many locals don’t even know they’re there. This is one of the greatest things about the sport, that it offers so much while disrupting so little.

When you play disc golf, you are immersed in nature, in the natural ecosystem and flavor of the region. There’s really nothing else like it in sports.

The Future of Disc Golf

My foremost goal with this project is elevating the sport of disc golf. I’ve loved it for roughly half my life, and in that span I’ve seen it evolve from a rather fringe thing to a global phenomenon.

Millions of people flooded into the sport during the pandemic, and found they loved it too. The community is broad and inclusive, it’s welcoming and warm. Courses dot the landscape, they’re inviting and almost universally free to play. They exist in natural spaces, with little environmental impact. Disc golf is just special and unique, a source of so much joy in an increasingly tumultuous and precarious world.

If I and the people behind The Method are successful, the sport will never be the same. I would love to see it continue to ascend in credibility, accessibility and acclaim. I’d love to see it become the pinnacle amateur sport in the 21st century.

Thank you for being a part of that future.

Seeing the Elephant

I started playing disc golf in 1998, coming to the sport from a childhood spent playing ultimate frisbee. My ultimate frisbee instincts served me in the beginning, though my form capped out in the low 200 foot range pretty quickly. It remained there until 2004, when I saw “pro form” for the first time, and got my first lesson in the X-step. Believing I had found the path to true distance, I quickly became obsessed with throwing farther.

That began a journey down a long road, with an abrupt dead end. For me, that dead end came in the 58-59 MPH range, with enough energy to send the disc around 400 feet with proper shaping. I chased the distance dragon for the next two decades, employing every manner of teacher and teaching system available. None of it made me any better, not even 1%.

When I finally found The Method in early 2023, I immediately understood why none of those teachers or teaching systems had helped me. All of them were teaching me to mimic various parts of the biomechanics of “pro form”, but none of them taught me any of the actual feel.

In this video, I compare the historic state of disc golf instruction to the famous parable of “The Village of Blind Men and the Elephant”. That fable is a perfect encapsulation of why it’s been so hard for people to learn the enigmatic backhand, and why The Method system is so revelatory.

There is much more to say on this subject, but that’s a matter for the next chapter of our docuseries.

Thank you for watching and enjoying our project so far!

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